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Deltas in Crisis

Cyclone Nargis
Image from MODIS on NASA's Terra satellite, acquired 5/05/2008
Credit: NASA/MODIS Rapid Response Team.
  • Images

    MODIS Rapid Response System, 2008, Satellite Image of Tropical Cyclone Nargis over Myanmar
    Abstract: Tropical Cyclone Nargis over Myanmar. Satellite image: Terra - Pixel size: 2km - Alternate pixel sizes: 1km, 500m, and 250m. May 3, 2008 at 4:25 UTC.

    ReliefWeb, 2006, Myanmar
    Abstract: Location map shows International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) offices and ICRC-supported prosthetic/orthotic centres in Myanmar (Burma).

    UNHCR, 2006, Myanmar Atlas Map
    Abstract: Map produced by UNHCR, Global Insight digital mapping of Myanmar (Burma) showing Myanmar (Burma) and surrounding countries.

    UNOSAT, 2008, Myanmar map collection
    Abstract: Web site provides links to maps under the International Charter Space and Major Disasters. The collections includes flood water maps for several townships in Myanmar, population maps, flood assessment maps, and an overview of the cyclone affected areas of the Ayeyarwady Delta (Irrawaddy Delta) region in Myanmar.

    USGS Geography, 2008, Cyclone Nargis—2008
    Abstract: Landsat satellite imagery, acquired shortly before (March 18, 2008) and after (May 5, 2008) Cyclone Nargis hit the coastal region of Myanmar on May 3, 2008, illustrate the flooding and destruction caused by the cyclone. The delta region, which is home to one fourth of Myanmar’s 57 million people, is a major agricultural area and its lowlands make it especially susceptible to flooding. The cyclone created a 3.6 meter storm surge which devastated the area.

    USGS Global Visualization Viewer (GLOVIS)
    Abstract: The USGS Global Visualization Viewer is a quick and easy online search and order tool for selected satellite data. Consult the online tutorial before searching for data.
  • Historical Storms: Images

    European Commission Directorate General Joint Research Centre, 2004, South Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Potential Land Affected in Tsunami Inundation Zone
    Abstract: Regional land cover map generated by a partnership coordinated by JRC; part of Global Land Cover 2000 Project, Population density data from LandScan 2002, and Earthquake epicenters data from USGS as 03 Jan 2005 9:47:18 UTC.

    ReliefWeb, 2005, South Asia: Tsunami Propagation Time
    Abstract: Map created by ReliefWeb 25 May 2005 showing the epicentre and magnitude of the 16 December 2004 earthquake and resulting tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

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